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In Love with a Woman Named Delilah: History of Israel

One day Samson met and fell in love with a woman named Delilah. Although Samson loved her, she wasn’t loyal to him. The lords of the Philistines gave her an offer she loved, for she loved money.

They promised to give her eleven hundred pieces of silver apiece. She would be set for life with that. She agreed to give up Samson. After many attempts, she was finally able to get Samson to give up his secret.

His head was shaved and he was captured by the Philistine lords. The lords of the Philistines put his eyes out and bound him. Nevertheless, the Philistines forgot to keep shaving his head and allowed his hair to grow back. 

Waiting on His Hair to Regrow

With his hair regrown, he was able to get his strength back and prayed to God one last time. He asked God to remember him and allow him to take one last revenge for his eyes’ sake.

He was able to make the building the Philistine rulers were in, as they celebrated with a feast, to collapse. There were up to three thousand men there. They were mocking him, when God allowed him to collapse the building, killing them all.

Among the dead was Samson, himself. He killed more in his death than he did when he was alive. He ruled Israel for twenty years. During this time, Israel lived like the nations beside them. These are the types of things they did as demonstrated in some of the stories that eventually led them to ruins.


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