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God Would Raise Up a Judge Who Would Deliver the Israelites

However, from time to time, the God of Israel would raise up a judge or judges who would deliver the Israelites out of their oppressor’s hands. Whenever the children of Israel would break their covenant with the LORD and forsake to honor their ancestors, the LORD would discontinue the Heavenly Kingdom’s help to them against their enemies.

This was why they could not fully drive out the Canaanites and other nations in the land as they attempted full conquest. The LORD left these nations in the land for a couple of known reasons. One, these nations would test the children of Israel and also train them better to become warriors. 

The children of Israel would do evil before the LORD’s viewing by serving Baalim. For this, the LORD allowed Chushanrishathaim of Mesopotamia to crush Israel for eight years. During this oppressive burden, Israel begged for help and the LORD sent them a man named Othniel.

Othniel was a man of Judah. He was the nephew to Caleb, his father was Kenaz. He was the one who took down Chushanrishathaim and allowed the Israelites to have rest for forty years.

After those forty years of rest, the Israelites fell away from the LORD Yah again, after the death of Othniel. This time the LORD allowed them to be defeated and subject to king Eglon of Moab. King Eglon joined up with the Ammonites and Amalekites and attacked Israel.

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