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Exodus Chapter 8 Summary


Exodus Chapter 8 Summary

Moses returns to Pharaoh and is commanded by God to warn Pharaoh of the second plague; this one would have frogs all over the land of Egypt. Pharaoh asked for the frogs to be taken away and the next day it was so.

Pharaoh still hardened his heart towards God, Moses,  Aaron, and the children of Israel. The next plague brought lice throughout the land of Egypt. With this third particular plague, the magicians of Egypt could not do, and they confessed it was the finger of God.

Exodus Chapter 8 Summary


Pharaoh repented, but afterward still hardened his heart again. The next plague brought in a swarm of flies in every house of the Egyptians, but in the houses of Israel were not flies.

God began to show difference between His people and the Pharaoh’s people. Pharaoh asked for the flies to be removed and God did according to Moses’ word.

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May God add blessings for reading and doing His Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!


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