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Exodus Chapter 1 Summary

Welcome to the book of Exodus and the first chapter. Exodus chapter 1 summary began with a listing of the names of the children of Israel who came into Egypt, which included eleven sons of Israel. Joseph and his generation passed on.

In the process of time, the children of Israel increased abundantly. A new king over Egypt arose and he wasn’t familiar with the goodness Joseph did for Egypt. He implicated a fear of the Hebrews that began to circulate the Egyptian kingdom.

Exodus Chapter 1 Summary

The Egyptians feared the rapid multiplication of the Israelites because of the many implications it could cause. For instance, if strife ever occurred with their enemies, the Israelites were so many they could side with Egypt’s enemies.

They dealt evilly wisely with the children of Israel by afflicting them with their burdens. With more affliction, the more the Israelites grew. While in Egypt, the children of Israel did build treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses and were afflicted heavily and bitterly.

It got to a point where there was a male genocide in place against the Israelites. This was done through the midwives who helped give birth to the Israelite women. The midwives would not go for it and then it was made a law! This is a summary of Exodus chapter 1.

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