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Current Event: Unshakable Bond Between the US and Israel

Unshakable Bond Between the US and Israel

Unshakable Bond Between the US and Israel

The other week, Donald Trump visited Jerusalem, and spoke the same rhetoric many have spoken before him. The US president stressed a deep and longstanding relationship with the U.S and Israel, literally promising his administration’s devotion to Israel.

While it was a totally political visit, the president did visit the Western Wall, and prayed for wisdom from God.

“Iran’s leaders routinely call for Israel’s destruction,” Trump said, “Not with Donald J. Trump,” he concluded.

Aside from being personally committed to helping Israel and Palestinians reach a lasting peace deal, the trip was routine. Trump acknowledged that promises of this sort have been made in the past, but with his “record” of making deals in business, this possibility can finally become a reality.

Benjamin Netanyahu remarked that through the years, Israel has had many friends, but none will ever be better than their friends, the USA. This all sounds good and honorable until or unless one knows the Biblical take on the matter concerning Jerusalem.

Unshaken Bond

In Zechariah chapter 12, the Lord says He will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all people around it, and a burdensome stone for all people. ALL people who burden themselves with Jerusalem, “will be cut in pieces,” no matter who or how many people gather themselves against Jerusalem.

The Lord says further that vengeance is His, and that He will settle the controversy of Zion (Isaiah 34). Peace will be made by the Lord, unless Donald J. Trump is … well, the peace deal he is able to broker or negotiate in the art of the deal, will not hold.

The last part of this article that is worth talking about is the unshakable bond between the US and Israel. The “Jewish” state is just about loathed by all people in their region and in their side of the world.

The people who have supported them since they became recognized as a nation is 1948, has been the United States of America. The league they have made will cause troubles in the future, but as Bible students, we are to stand back and watch the Lord orchestrate His work; even His strange work.

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