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Current Event: Millennials Leaving Christianity and the Belief in God

Millennials Leaving Christianity and the Belief in God

Millennials Leaving Christianity and the Belief in God

In the opinion section of, there was published an article on the top ten reasons millennials are backing away from God and Christianity altogether.

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I’ll leave a link to the actual article below, but I wanted to talk about this briefly, about what this could mean to the christian family. There was a rude statement uttered by the late civil rights activist, Malcolm X, when he said, “the chickens has come home to roost.”

Unfortunately, brother Malcolm said this after the assassination of former president, John F. Kennedy. The phrase, according to, comes from Robert Southey, who said, “Curses are like young chickens, they always come home to roost.”

The fact that chickens usually come home to rest and sleep has long been known, but the idea was figuratively used up until Southey in 1809. Malcolm X was referring to the climate of hate in America, as it was demonstrated towards black America, and their need to fight for civil rights.

In addition, the climate of hate America posed onto other nations, in wars, such as in Vietnam, where America was reported to have been vengeful and brutally oppressive in their dealings with other nations.

Millennials Leaving Christianity

Malcolm X pointed out that the assassination of the late former president, JFK, was a result of the hate festered by the US, returned upon the US. At this point I’m curious on how I will tie this back to the millennials leaving the church, leaving God, and Christianity.

Before we go there, here are the ten reasons Dr. McFarland noted in his article of why millennials are ditching sunday school. Number one, “these young folks,” have little or no brand loyalty. They will church-hop on you in a moment, and follow that with a religion hop-fest also.

Number two, millennials need a healthy family, especially one with a good earthly father, yet many millennials don’t have this. Number three, they are bombarded with bad media and secular ideologies, making it difficult to be a religious person in the modern age.

Number four was interesting, many millennials lack ingrained spiritual authority and authenticity in adult figures before them. Most adults don’t know why they are doing the christian thing besides, tradition and it seems right.

Number five is described as the church’s cultural influence has diminished; no influence means empty seats. Number six is based on the world having an objective moral view, and number seven stated college students are bombarded with the notion of intellectual skepticism.

Intellectual skepticism is asking questions, so-called, intellectually to prove everything. Number eight, the rise of the cult like manner of atheism, and number nine, was that tolerance is the new god.

Millennials Leaving Christianity and the Belief in God

By that, millennials believe they have their truth, which can be separate from others, even from the private or shared interpretations of the scripture.

The tenth reason millennials are leaving the church, Christianity, and God is because youth have a common defiant posture in life that doesn’t wear off until they are in their early thirties or late twenties.

I, just as many others, have experienced this also; just some defiant behaviors are more aggressive than others. When children are told that Santa is coming, the tooth fairy has left money, or the easter bunny is laying eggs, these cute stories later put resentment in a child who believed these things.

The average four year old hates being tricked or made out to be the sucker; the one who has the phrased use, “like taking candy from a baby.” Christianity is experiencing the same sentiments with doctrine and actual teaching.

Churches and Christian organizations have long withheld teaching proper history,  sound doctrine, accurate prophecy, and the host of principles offered in the Bible.

Because of this, Christianity has appeared to be one big fairy tale often, and thanks to our modern age of information highway, millennials have choices to make in believing or forbearing the religion.

Many are forbearing, and McFarlane, as well as, believe this can be avoided, and any damage done, amended with true teaching of the Word of God.


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