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Chapter Summaries: Deuteronomy Chapter 31 Summary

Deuteronomy chapter 31 summary began with Moses as he spoke to the Israelites regarding his end. His physical body was approaching the way of the ancestors. The sleep of death was approaching for him for a couple of reasons; one he was 120 years of age.

Although he still had his natural strength, it wasn’t the strength to lead a group of rebellious people. Two, God told him he could not enter into the land. He had to stay back and be gathered to his father’s. However, he instructed Israel of what they should do going forward and introduced Joshua as the new leader God has chosen.

Israel was encouraged to be strong because God is with them and will not fail them. They only need to fear nothing but their God’s power to deliver. Moses commanded the priests to read the law to the children of Israel.

Deuteronomy Chapter 31 Summary

This should take place at the end of every seven years in the year of release or jubilee at the time of the feast of tabernacles. Everyone should gather together to hear, learn, and fear the Lord their God. They should observe and do everything God commanded, as their King and God.

As Moses prepped Joshua, God appeared to him and revealed that Israel will go whoring after other gods. They will seek other gods of the strangers in the land. God will punish them for it and hide His face from them until they repent. They will endure many evils in their time away from God.

The chapter ends with a song Moses wrote for Israel to note and remember that they rebelled against their God. God had him pen this. The song is a witness for God against Israel. Moses told the people he knew they would rebel (in the future) because they were a rebellious people while he was alive with them; how much more when he is asleep.

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And this is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 31.


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