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2 Kings Chapter 15 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Kings chapter 15 summary is actually a pretty long chapter, so we will get right into it. This chapter began with King Azariah of Judah (he’s also known as Uzziah). He was the son of Amaziah, and he became king in the 27th year of Jeroboam’s rule in Samaria.

Azariah was only a sixteen (16) year old teenager when he became king over Judah, yet he was able to rule for nearly fifty-three (53) years. Azariah obeyed God and did right in the eyes of the LORD.

The only thing he didn’t do was remove the high places and he allowed the people to sacrifice burnt incense on them. The LORD gave Azariah clean leprosy in his latter years, for presumptously attempting to do the job of the Levites.

2 Kings Chapter 15 Summary

Much like king Saul did in his days when he attempted to do the Levites job and was punished, so was Azariah. He had the leprosy until he died and had to stay in a several-house (house for kings with unclean illnesses). His son Jotham judged the people until his father died.

The chapter transitioned to the house of Israel (the 10 tribes) with king Zechariah. He took over in the thirty-eight (38th) year of Azariah, after the death of his father Jeroboam II, but merely ruled six months.

He was evil and did evil before the Sovereign LORD of Hosts. A man named Shallum conspired against him and killed him and took over the throne. Shallum ruled one full month in Samaria in the thirty-ninth (39th) year of Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah.

Shallum was murdered by Menahem of Tirzah and took over the kingdom. Menahem killed the entire town of Tiphsah because they did not surrender to him, and he was vicious.

He ripped babies out of the wombs of women and was a complete animal. Menahem also became king of Israel in the thirty-nineth (39th) year of Azariah (Uzziah) and was stable enough to rule ten years in Samaria.

Hezekiah Trusted the Lord God of Israel

Yet, he was evil before the LORD. During Menahem’s rule, Pul (Tiglath Pileser), the king of Assyria came against the land, which Menahem agreed to pay off. Pul supported Menahem’s kingdom stabilization because he was paid off.

Menahem made the rich pay him to pay the king of Assyria. When Menahem died, his son Pekahiah took over; it was during the fifthieth (50th) year of Azariah of Judah.

Pekahiah only ruled two years, as he disobeyed God the entire time. One of his captains, a man named Pekah, conspired against him and killed him in the palace. Pekah took over Samaria and taking over in the fifty-second (52nd) year of Azariah of Judah.

Disobedient Drama of the kings of Samaria

He was able to rule for two decades and did evil all twenty years. During his rule, once again, Tiglath Pileser the king of Assyria made another visit to Samaria.

He took more territories, namely that of Gilead and Galilee, all the land of Naphtali, and carried many of the ten tribes away as captives to Assyria. A man named Hoshea plotted against Pekah, killed him and took over the kingdom.

This drama filled chapter ended with Jotham of Judah. He was the viceroy or regent while his father was alive but officially ruled as king during the second year of Pekah’s rule in Samaria.

The young 25 year old ruled for sixteen (16) years in Jerusalem. He also did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, nevertheless, the LORD allowed the kings of Syria and Samaria attack Judah.

This is the violent summary of 2 Kings chapter 15, glory to the King of Peace.


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