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Leviticus Chapter 12 Summary


Leviticus Chapter 12 Summary

Leviticus Chapter 12

Leviticus 12, in this chapter God commands Moses what a woman is to do once she has a baby.

If she has a boy, the woman is unclean seven days. On the eighth day, the baby boy should be circumcised and the mother continues purifying her blood for 33 days. She is not allowed to the sanctuary until her days are fulfilled.

If she has a baby girl, she is unclean for two weeks and the days of her purification doubles, to 66. Once the days of her purifying are completed for son or daughter, the mother is to bring a burnt offering to the priest.

The priest will offer it to the Lord and make an atonement for the woman and she’ll be cleansed from her issue of blood. This is the law of her that has a boy or girl child.

We ask the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. We all agree!

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