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Who Are the Children of Israel Today



In the world we live in today, many people are unaware of who and where the children of Israel are today. They are familiar with who are the Jews, but when it comes to who are the children of Israel, people stayed away from answering this question. Nevertheless, this is a very important piece of knowledge for all Christians and people to know and understand. The reason why is because knowing who the children of Israel are brings some validity and authenticity to the Bible. If you are familiar with the Bible, many people have tried their theories on figuring out who the children of Israel are today.

Who are the Children of Israel

Herbert Armstrong did his research and came to the conclusion that the children of Israel, at least the ten lost tribes, are the Europeans of the United States and of the United Kingdom. He based this on the prophecy told by Jacob to Joseph in Genesis regarding Ephraim and Manasseh. Armstrong stated that Ephraim and Manasseh were the Europeans of the United States and United Kingdom. The only problem with his hypothesis or his theory is that Herbert Armstrong himself stated in his book, The Mystery of the Ages, that he was a Jew from the lineage of Judah and could trace his bloodline directly to King David, who also is a Jew. This incongruency is something that Bible readers and students of the Bible who study the Bible in spirit and truth could see.

Who are the Children of Israel Today?

Other people have claimed to be the lost children of Israel and their findings also come up short. I will not be too pompous or bold to say that my assessment is the accurate and most defined, however, the facts that I put into the video and into my new book, The Dark Side of Black History, really speaks louder than most others claims that I have personally read.

One of the mainstays that bring this to light is that for years the color of the children of Israel and Jesus for that matter has been of European background. The color of the ancient children of Israel and the ancient Egyptians are strongly resembled as described in the Bible. One way to learn the ancient Israelites color is to simply find the color of the ancient Egyptians. Another way to identify the children of Israel is by reading some of the conditions that befell them. The Bible explains that they would be carried off into different countries and why they were carried into different countries.

The Bible Identifies Who are the Children of Israel

If we read some of the blessings and the curses given by the God of Israel, you would clearly learn who are the children of Israel are today. The forty minute Bible study video above goes into some helpful scripture for you to learn who the children of Israel are, and to see our theory and hypothesis. You can formulate your own theory and hypothesis, but it is important to use scripture and historical references just as we have. Thank you and I pray in Jesus name that you edified, peace and blessings.


Koko Ishe

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