About BSMThe entire bible points to one simple reality, there will be a kingdom of God. The prophets and disciples both looked forward to the day when God will set His Kingdom on the earth. The death of Jesus opened the door of the kingdom to those who believe. You can only learn about this kingdom through careful, diligent study of the Bible (Word of God).

To make best use of our website, it is best to join our newsletter and to read up on the lessons and study with us weekly. We believe it is vital to understand the Bible, historically, presently, and for the future. Good study with Bible Study Ministry (BSM) will give you a healthy perspective on the history of the Church, it will help you live meaningfully today, and give you an inside view to the future very few have a handle on.

The Bible tells us to prove all things. Jesus told us that in the last days many false prophets would come, and that they would deceive many. Therefore it is expedient for us to make sure we are hearing and believing the gospel, as it is written in the Holy Bible.

There is only ONE gospel. Therefore, it is an error for us (the world) to have so many doctrines, denominations and faiths. This is why we started the Bible study ministry.  It is to let us rest our faith on the Words written from Genesis to Revelation! The Bible declares, “One Lord, One faith, One baptism”. Friends, there is only one way to please God and get into His kingdom and it is outlined thoroughly from Genesis to Revelation.

Please diligently study the words of Jesus, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.” (Mark 1:15).

God bless you in Jesus name…

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